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It's 2018, and we're here to declare
That it's high time that women received their fair share.
So with that on our minds we decided to run
A quite specialized show for awareness and fun.

Each piece on the program is one of two things:
It's either a song that a man "ought to" sing
Or it's something a woman was told not to do.
Either way, the restriction is equal to poo.

So let's flush away boundaries! Cut loose for the night!
We're here to have fun and let women shine bright!
Drink one drink. Drink two drinks, or even drink five!
Lula Lounge is the place where our merriment thrives!

Doors open at 7pm for dinner and drinks, performance begins at 8pm. Contact Lula Lounge for dinner reservations at 416-588-0307. Dinner reservations guarantee seating!

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8:00 PM20:00




1. Gute Nacht - Alain Coulombe, bass

2. Die Wetterfahne - Justin Welsh, baritone

3. Gefrorne Tränen - David Locke-Norton, baritone

4. Erstarrung - Olivier Laquerre, baritone

5. Der Lindenbaum - Dylan Wright, bass

6. Wasserflut - Dion Mazerolle, baritone

7. Auf dem Flusse - Alexander Hajek, baritone

8. Rückblick - Parker Clements, baritone

9. Irrlicht - Jeremy Ludwig, baritone

10. Rast - Janaka Welihinda, baritone

11. Frühlingstraum - Cairan Ryan, baritone

12. Einsamkeit - Doug MacNaughton, baritone 


13. Die Post - Keith Lam, baritone

14. Der greise Kopf - Giles Tomkins, bass

15. Die Krähe - Aaron Durand, baritone

16. Letzte Hoffnung - David Diston, baritone

17. Im Dorfe - Kyle Lehmann, baritone

18. Der stürmische Morgen - Andrew Adridge, baritone

19. Täuschung - Clarence Frazer, baritone

20. Der Wegweiser - Johnathon Kirby, baritone

21. Das Wirsthaus - Michael Nyby, baritone

22. Mut! - Andrew Tees, baritone

23. Die Nebensonnen - Michael Robert Broder, baritone

24. Der Leiermann - Jason Howard, baritone

Trevor Chartrand, piano

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